Residence 500


Master bedroom with en-suite five piece bath
2 additional bedrooms / 2.5 baths
Over 500 square feet of terrace

It takes a dramatic vista to headline a home with so many exquisite features, but that’s what you’ll find with Residence 500.

Eye-line views of the city, including a showstopping look at the Capitol building, are perfectly offset by complementary mountain views.


Shorter adjacent buildings rest just below your balcony, providing little obstruction wherever your gaze takes you. Operable, custom windows by Panda are made with an extruded aluminum frame, and tilt in or out four inches.


Inside, natural light abounds, and in appreciation of the magnificent view, this residence is anchored with a stunning walnut floor. As materials go, walnut is perfect in its natural state, so we’ve taken care to respect and accentuate that beauty with a slight micro-bevel edge. As a result, your floors are a work of art nearly as breathtaking as the mountain vistas.


The kitchen is sleek and exquisite, with white ultra-matte cabinetry and a glass backsplash with hidden spice rack. Combined with a flexible floorplan, high-end appliances, and cutting edge technology — and have we mentioned the views? — this home might just take your breath away.

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